Satellite Systems Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Antenna controllers and antenna positioner products for inclined orbit or geosynchronous satellites.
Satellite Antenna Tracking Controller | ATX-3000
Satellite Systems Corporation
Model ATX-3000

Automatic Inclined Orbit Antenna Controller

With Monitor Software Interface

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The ATX-3000 Antenna Tracking Controller is a user-friendly microprocessor-based intelligent positioning system to reliably track inclined orbit satellites or for use as a positioner for geosynchronous satellites with memories for up to 99 satellites.

Satellite Systems Corporation announces the new control GUI Version 2.0 for our antenna control product line. Enhanced control features allow for remote control of your antenna and additional monitoring tools are included such as strip charting for signal strength, Azimuth & Elevation movement. Version 2.0 also includes a new event-triggered alarm feature that allows for email notification to your laptop / cell phone or PDA. Alarms are triggered via signal strength, loss of signal, and other conditions. New logging to file feature allows for analysis of controller events. Easily imported to Excel. Revolving log file saving feature automatically closes the file and starts a new file once per day for archiving and date stamping purposes.

ATX Features Include:

Multiple Peaking and history track algorithm set - Multiple user selectable peaking/ history track algorithms. SSC has introduced our best peaking algorithm ever! With our newest peaking algorithm the ATX 3000 delivers maiximum performance with minimal signal loss.

Foul weather feature - FWx - Don’t let rain fade and controller performance ruin your link! Our latest foul weather feature allows a user to either locally or remotely select our new FWx - foul weather feature mode. When bad weather is approaching or has arrived, the user can select our new foul weather mode feature. With our new proprietary FWx mode the tracker delivers maximum performance and signal during bad weather. The user can select the duration of the FWx based on the weather conditions.

Remote operation from anywhere in the world! – Satellite system introduces full remote control for your antenna controller. Now with our latest Monitor and Control software we have added full antenna control. Great for remote operation of multiple antennas or correct antenna position instantly without having to travel to the site whether it is 1 mile away or 10,000 miles away! **

AC and DC solutions - Multiple AC and DC solutions available, please contact factory for your application.

**SSC recommends that any remote antenna move be monitored by personnel at the antenna site to ensure safety to life and property.

Monitor and Control Software for ATX 3000 Antenna Controller

  • Event triggered alarms - Any alarm conditions can be sent to the user via email to your cell phone. Events can be triggered via signal strength, AZ, EL & POL movements, communication errors and other threshold parameters. Large easy to read signal strength panel.
  • Antenna position and parameter control feature set.
  • Large easy to read signal strength panel.
  • Event triggered alarms / Easy to use email control. Email multiple users / Multiple alarm parameters.
  • Status monitor – The status monitor panel allows for immediate real time data of your systems status.
  • Strip Chart utility – Strip charting utility allows for recording of signal strength and AZ&EL motor movements. Events are recorded and presented on time based event chart. Additional logging feature allows for tab delimited file that can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet program. The log files can be automatically saved and restarted on a daily basis and pulled up later for review of tracking performance.
  • Revolving log file saving feature allows user to automatically back up log files for later analysis of controller events. Easily imported to Excel or other spread sheet programs.
  • Monitor and Control Software GUI Screenshots:
    monitor and control software gui screenshots for the atx3000